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Double slowness thursday!

Hahah How slow am i? I needed your help to get past level 10 - and youre younger than me!!!

And now, time for more slowness.....enjoy. :D
In my last update i mentioned how some people walk into the store asking me if I'm open. I get that quite frequently, but yesterday held a new experience for me in the realms of slowdom. Twas about 1115, just after I had opened the store. Im talking to some customers when a dude walks in with a female companion. He walks straight up to the counter and interrupts me talking to a customer to....get this.......ask if im open!!! WTF?!?! There are other people in the store and he asks if im open? Some people we just cant save.....

Oh, i also served an old lady with blue hair. A living model of the 'old lady' stereotype. Quite amusing. And she wasnt the sharpest tool in the shed either....
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