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The future of Australia...

As a lot of us know, today's schooling system is pretty damn slack, sorry, slow ^_^

We waited around for 20 mins without a teacher for our first lesson of a double (my lessons are 40 minutes long). We had no teacher, so after waiting around the music teacher came and opened the computer room for us, no other teacher would have been stupid enough to do this, being 16-17 year olds without supervision and internet access... well I'm sure you get it, flash games, email, and yes, I even saw someone watching some animated porno run by flash. That's all well and good, I'm not complaining about the class (it's because I'm the top of this class :D), I'm having a go at the slowness of my school administrative system. Our relief was 40 minutes late because nobody bothered to get the relief notice to her when it was needed. So we've been bludging this whole time, on top of that, nobody notices or cares, simply because you can get away with murder with almost any relief teacher. Except for Phoung Van, the schools Vietnamese teacher, one step out of line and she yells at the whole class, calling everyone, even those who have done nothing, racist. In fact she once called one of the Vietnamese guys at this school racist... now how the hell can a Vietnamese guy be racist against the Vietnamese! Some people never learn... our country is screwed, plenty of dumb people here, staff and student alike ^_^

Another incident of slowness... which is more blind stupidity if anything... my friend's friend Melissa, doesn't do any good for the dumb blone stereotype (sorry Mandy, I'm not talking about you here, you're actually smart ^_^). I mentioned a few things about a friend of mine, and Dental School, and she asked me "What's dental school?" WHAT THE HELL!!! How can anyone be so stupid! Naturally I went of at her, it was something like this: "You know what a dentist is, right? You know those people that fix your teeth?" "Umm... yeah." "Where the fuck do you think they learned to do all of that huh!?" "Umm... the dentist?" "Fucking dental school you dumb bitch! For fuck sake! I hope you're just acting this stupid!"
My friend Bel just stood there laughing, I thought it was pretty amusing, and Melissa didn't seem to care that I had insulted her pretty harshly. I can see why she dropped out of school ^_^

Well thats my slowness report for now people, peace out!

~Dante aka Chris
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