rednut (rednut) wrote in aussieslowmos,

First slowness for the people to enjoy :D

So its 1045am. 15 minutes before I have to open the shitty restaraunt and let the slobs in. People are already waiting outside looking at me expectantly through the big glass doors. Shortly after 11 (I always make them wait a few minutes >:) ) I walk up to the doors, pull out my keys, and unlock the doors - thus letting them in. They see me do this.

They are allowed in the store...
Lights are on...
Music is playing...

Then one bright spark goes "are you open yet?"

The obvious sarcastic reply about me letting them in but the store not actually being open flashes through my mind, but in the end I reluctantly answer with a simple "yes". Can't give the customers too much attitude or my boss will kill me. :)
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You were right lol, people over there ARE dumb =P